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About HID
Solam's HID
Structure of HID
Color Temperature

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Solam's  HID(High Intensity discharge lamp)

HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamp) is the general term for a high-pressure sodium lamp, a metal halide lamp, or a mercury lamp.
The features are energy saving excellent luminescence efficiency and the long-life realized by the structural characteristics. It has excellent color rendering property and also its light is closer to sunlight.

Product Development which accomodates the market needs
HID lamp
"H3 Type" HID lamp developed
SOLAM always strives for product development which accommodates the needs of the market. We have developed and put on the market the ultra small H3 type automotive HID headlamp prior to any other company. We have color temperature range from 3,800K to 10,000K and are ready for production upon request from our customers.

Structure of HID

Custom-made color making
HID lamp
Color tone of each color temperature is also adjustable.
Delicate colors can be created for HID lamps by blending the right kind and quantity of chemical substances. HID made it possible to create colors which have been considered difficult to realize, ranging from white, close to the natural light, to the fashionable bluish white color.
We create light in accordance with our customers' request and use.

Color Temperature

Strict Quality Control
HID lamp
Carefully selected materials and work done under the stringent clean environment.
In order to provide our customers with dependable quality, we established strict quality control standards and realized mass production of high quality products that never existed before.

1. Use of carefully examined optimal materials.
2. Removal of the impurities which are menace to the lamp performance.
3. Keeping size errors at micro levels.
4. Strict inspection criteria.


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