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For Developers and Manufacturers

◆ We provide consulting for new product development and manufacturing ◆

We welcome any question regarding commercialization of all wavelengths, and development of various light sources (semiconductors, lighting, sensors, communication, optical fibers, etc.). Solam, -a lamp expert-, will suggest the optimal solutions.

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■Manufacturing of the future
Today good products at low prices have become common. On the other hand, the time is over when users use the products makers proposed. The time has come when manufacturers produce the products which meet the needs of the customers, together with the customers.

In response to customer requests and various opinions, we proceed with manufacturing while building mutual trust and cooperative relationship with them.

■Human Relationship
We believe the clues for the products of the future are hidden in the needs of people, especially in this age of remarkable innovations in the fields of telecommunication and technology.

We value human relationship with our customers and consider the new ideas that come out of this relationship as the basic philosophy of our development.

■After-service, Before-service
Information is an asset. Various indications, opinions and comments from our customers are also our assets.
We offer "Before-service" in various ways before shipping out our products.

We also promptly provide "After-service" and quality guarantee after shipping our products.

We sincerely listen to our customers in search of all-around perfect products.

For Developers and Manufacturers

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