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Automotive HID lamp

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Automotive HID lamp

We have bulbs and kits for automotive HID lamps, as well as conversion bulbs and kits for existing halogen headlights. You can select a suitable type from seven conversion kits depending on the car type. We have a wide color temperature range of 3,000K - 8,000K. You can choose custom-made or one of our standard specification products.

How to order standard specification products
※We have various color temperatures for all types of lamps available. Please choose the color temperature you like for the type of lamp you require.

HID fixtures for standard type   Color Temperature List
Halogen fixtures for conversion
Please select the color temperature you like

6,000K Daytime skylight
4,300K Sunlight after sunrise

※Relay Harness is included in the kits.
  The HID Hig photograph becomes a reference photograph. Please inquire in detail.

How to order custom made products
lamp How to order a lamp
1. Select a color temperature (Kelvin).
2. Specify your requirements.(Standard specifications such as the full length of the cut size, etc. are also available.)

How to order a finished product
1. Select a color temperature (Kelvin).
2. Select the shape of the base (H1, D2S, etc.)
3. Specify whether a stabilizer should be included with the finished product or not.
4. Specify your requirements.(Type of coupler connection, etc.)

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